Wesley Barnes

"Dj D'Vinyl"

Wesley Barnes (DJ D'Vinyl) has been collecting records since he was six years old, and his first record was The Surfaris' single "Wipe Out" bought from Smoky's Record Shop in Ft. Wayne, IN. Here in Denver, CO he has established himself as the premiere vinyl-only DJ in the area, spinning records from his eclectic collection that was procured from all across the U.S. He specializes in Oldies, Doo-Wop, Rock & Roll, Soul, Motown, Funk, Disco, Classic Rock, 80's Pop, New Wave, Electro, Hip-Hop, Jazz... and a little bit of everything in between!


Pierre Bouchard

"DJ Dr. Bouchard"

Pierre Bouchard ("Dr. Bouchard") has been a soul-devotee since he was a wee college student, initially falling in love with Sam Cooke. He has a special affinity for Memphis soul, rare grooves, international soul/funk fusions, and New Orleans rhythms. He has operated the soul music blog and facebook group (A Scent of Soul) for 8 years with film maker, archivist, and fellow soul-head John Campopiano, and runs a Mixcloud page (The Heavy Rotations) with his partner DJ Marquis de Sade Pronounced Sade. You can find Pierre anywhere there’s a grimy soul groove, unabashedly bobbing his head.


As vinyl records have recently risen in popularity we've seen a shift in what people value: physical over digital, sound quality over convenience, and a tangible connection to the music. This appreciation and attention to detail is what makes for a more cohesive and enjoyable music experience for all parties involved, especially when planning an event.

Something Vinyl Club specializes in spinning mixes and "selector sets" reaching far and wide across eras, genres, and moods to bring the audience closer together. Our events are engaging, fun, and interactive- we play what moves you!