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From the Facebook event page":

“Veedon Fleece is the masterpiece you haven’t heard of, an album Van Morrison himself has barely played live and hardly acknowledged since it came out. A mystical, spiritual, lyrical miracle, Veedon Fleece is Morrison’s eighth album, recorded shortly after a divorce, and before he’d take what was then the longest break in his recording career. Veedon Fleece is spiritually weary and existentially uplifting, an album that in its abstract poetry, somber flutes and airy instrumentation feels like a friend picking you up when you’re at your lowest point. The name might actually mean nothing--as Morrison claimed--but that nothingness means everything; the search for meaning, and happiness, and for dogs to pet in a field when you’ve had too much and the weight seems insurmountable. Veedon Fleece isn’t called Morrison’s “lost masterpiece” for nothing.

Come listen to a full playback of VMP's reissue of Van Morrison's 'Veedon Fleece' at The Spins, a worldwide listening party! We'll be giving away the VMP edition of the album, sipping on our favorite drinks and cocktails, and bringing together the vinyl-loving community in 20+ cities all on the same night. Prepare to be transported. #TheSpinsVMP.”