Something Vinyl Club started a couple of years ago when Wesley Barnes realized he had a problem. What once was a hobby had become a habit, and buying records was now an all-out obsession. His friends, family, and partner all urged him to stop, but he wanted more and more records...

Before he knew it, he was up to his ears in stacks of records that filled his cramped studio apartment. He was forced to form tunnels among the stacks of vinyl that littered his floors. It finally reached a tipping point when he couldn't even reach his turntable to listen to any albums!

He recognized that his way of living was no longer sustainable, nor enjoyable. He chose to accept that a change was much needed, and that he had to let go of that which he had held so dear. (Well, not all of it. But some of it. Just the duplicates, and the records he doesn't spin when he's DJing. Or the really rare stuff that someone else would love, and that he would be too afraid to play anyway for fear of possibly scratching it.)

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Wesley learned how practicing non-attachment to something he truly loved enabled his ability to share this love with others. At pop-up vinyl shops, 'Vinyl Nights', and farmer's markets he shared his fairly-priced vinyl collection with the good people of Denver. In truth, he was sharing the experience of finding your favorite record, again and again. 

This new path felt more sustainable than his old habits. This was the start of Something Vinyl Club, a club where anyone who appreciates good music on vinyl is a member. Before long, this act of sharing came back to him, as folks offered their old collections for him to sell. It was the gift that kept giving!

The idea caught on, and business owners were eager to book a pop-up vinyl shop or 'Vinyl Night' of their own. And although he loved sharing his joy of records with others, Wesley grew tired of carrying around crates of records up and down and here and there and everywhere. His lower back grew sore. 

After some searching, he found a new place unlike any other in Denver. Or anywhere else for that matter. It was called "Boozhall": a pink and vibrant building in the arts district of Denver. With art and alcohol all under one roof, all that was missing was a vinyl shop. He loaded up his truck full of records and parked that sucker right inside the building and set up shop. He felt right at home at Boozhall RiNo

Boozhall Profile

This is where you will find Something Vinyl Club and all of Wesley's crates of records. He carries anything from Folk to Funk, Soul to Soundtracks, Classic Rock to Jazz Fusion, 80's Pop to 90's Hip-Hop... There's an ever-rotating, always-changing selection of albums to be found!



Store Hours

  • Monday- Closed

  • Tuesday- Closed

  • Wednesday- 4:00 - 11:00PM

  • Thursday- 4:00 - 11:00PM

  • Friday- 4:00PM - 12:00AM

  • Saturday- 12:00PM - 12:00AM

  • Sunday- 2:00PM - 8:00PM